The 1st Step of Robert Walzer / by Dmitry Stepanov

(1st of 27) step of Robert Walzer by dmitry stepanov

The first step of Robert Walzer.

’27 Steps of Walser’ is a series of unsaved streamings on Derivetv dedicated to the walking drifts undertaken by Robert Walser, a poet. He died in Herisau where he spent his final years in a mental asylum, to which he was confined by his own sister. While in the asylum, Robert Walser continued taking his mad walks.

These days, when we don’t need to move our legs in order to walk, when in order to move all you need is fingers, eyes and a screen, we are undertaking to make 27 drifts, one for each year that Robert Walser spent in the asylum, from which he made his forays across the rough terrain on his own or in the company of Carl Seelig, who would come to visit him.

We will use the method of ‘seated transition’, picking 27 videos that YouTube finds when we use ‘Herisau’ as a search query that feature the landscape of Herisau (and not only, perhaps). Then we will reedit them by applying the special editing scheme that we call ‘The Walk’. Thus, all footage will be processed by the same reediting algorithm and only the source files will change. We will stream all 27 videos on YouTube for 27 weeks.

These streams will not to be saved, because every screening is as unique as each of Walser’s walks.

Video timing: 02:57, looped
Year of production: 2018

Author’s webpage: dmitry stepanov

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  • Thursday

    22:00 – 23:59

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