An anxious hour | Independent micro-communities unity “ALEK PETUK”

An anxious hour | full story Independent micro-communities unity “ALEK PETUK”

Alek Petuk, CEO of Independent micro-communities unity “ALEK PETUK”:

We’ve made a decent work, with many collaborators involved in. This is an expanded video essay on freedom of public meetings and the community of the excluded. The significant point is also a reflexion on collective co-operation activities made by trendy and favored artists Anne Imhof, Alina Gutkina and Kirill Savchenkov.

Streaming is starting at 21:00 (UTC+03) by demonstration of the performance documentation, followed by all videos shown during a live session at ZIL Culture center, Moscow.

Performed by Kristina Markova, Eat Rust, Katya Beloglazova

Live sound performance by Г5—54

All participants are mentioned in the credits at the end of the video.

Timing: 25:00 (live performance) + all screen videos, looped
Year of production: 2018

Event Hours(2)

  • Wednesday

    21:00 – 23:59

    Anxious hour
    JUNE, 6

  • Saturday

    21:00 – 23:59

    Anxious hour
    JUNE, 9

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