“Infra-red May”

Infra-red may by Left-fem NN and RSD NN communities with fluid authorship

In 2016 Easter, Walpurgis Night and May Day coincided, and on that occasion, there was a Christian procession, an official city demonstration, an independent left rally, and the first Nizhny Novgorod monstration (an absurdist rally) on the same streets at the same day.

The film-essay shows not only this absurd mixture but also the shared traditions of these different collective actions. Also, it makes a statement on the role of rituals in protest movements.

A particular chapter of the essay is devoted to the “Cyborg Manifesto” by cyberfeminist Donna Haraway, criticizing the communities united around a certain identity instead of the common problem.

“Infra-red May” is a collective work of Left-fem NN and RSD NN communities with fluid authorship.

Video timing: 27:54, looped
Year of production: 2016-2018

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