Memory of Trip to the countryside with Epop and Sergey

Memory of the Trip to countryside with Epop and Sergey by derivetv

The Video is a memory of the trip out of Nizhny Novgorod. We made it with the artists Epop and Sergey. We found a lake and did some performative actions that were no more than watching water motionless.

This is not a documentation of our walk. I just use video that represents our walk. Buit this is something more. I used the range of images to reconstruct my thoughts. That’s why i use music that i made special for this video and overvoice to create a speech about freedom, trips and contradictions between an idea and a comfort.

Video timing: 01:10:00, looped
Year of production: 2019

Author’s webpage: dmitry stepanov

Event Hours(2)

  • Thursday

    22:00 – 23:59

    video, walk, trip

  • Sunday

    12:00 – 15:00

    video, walk, trip

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