Organ of perception

“Organ of perception” a documentary by Sonia Pigalova and Anton Ryanov

This film is about perception, contact, and media.

Anton Ryanov, a researcher of the avant-garde from Nizhniy Novgorod, lives with CP (Cerebral Palsy).
How does it feel to be in constant uncontrollable movement between tension and relaxation?
How can this movement sound with the help of thereminvox?
How does a touch of a voice feel?
How do we accept the plastic qualities of the Other?
What is it like to be a philologist who doesn’t read books but listens to them with the help of a voice synthesizer?
How do different poems affect the body?
How does avant-garde and modern poetry change perception?
How do books and people transform the space with sound?

Video timing: 41:07, looped
Year of production: 2017

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    22:00 – 23:59

    documentary, re-run

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