Some pieces of unrealized film about memory| part 2 | St.Petersburg | Dmitry Stepanov

Some pieces from the unrealized movie about memory| part 2 | | St.Petersburg | Dmitry Stepanov by dmitry stepanov

There was a desire to move to St. Petersburg. An intelligent’s well-educated boy’s teenage dream, who is having an urge for a real life and real breakdown. First love. First serious frustration. An attempt to quit school. But what remains of memory? Only an empty space, which now can be filled with any content, any reminiscence that fits current mood. To take the outside images and assemble them into your own experience.


This series is an infinite (open to adjunction) row of shots, which were created and still are being created for a big film-transition. This film was planned as a film about transitions in the condition of having no time – in the space where there is no time, where there is no feeling of course of history, but only the infinity of drift (wandering) without beginning or end, without goals and tasks.

Video timing: 01:41, looped
Year of production: 2018

Author’s webpage: dmitry stepanov.

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    video, footage, drift

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